Getting the party started! (or, my first ever blog post)

Hello, everyone!

Ah, blogging. I have been dancing around the notion for at least a year. Every excuse in the book had a turn in explaining why this hadn´t happened. And then- finally!- it just felt like the right time, and having not just myself but someone else to be accountable to, I began writing what would be my first ever post.

A torrent of what ifs, maybes and possible subjects ran through my mind. Should I maybe blog about what possesses a 31 year old dentist still paying her college loan to up and start a catering business? Maybe I could write about my recipes, share my obsession with the stellar role food plays in memory making and pass my baking creations to other food lovers. Or maybe I could go the dental way and blog about how properly caring for one´s smile isn´t necessarily painful, expensive or even complicated, and how it is just one of the most confidence boosting, life affirming decisions anyone can take.

Then I realized that, important as the topic is, I had yet the more pressing, more practical decision to make. To write in English or in Spanish. Basic, ha. I weighed both options: Spanish, as my native language, would be easiest and most natural. But English, English feels so at home after all the books, the songs and the jobs. It´s also more universal, I might be read by a wider range of people. Then again, Spanish lends itself to much more cheekiness, it might be more fun.

Thinking about it made me feel how languages have a personality, sort of; a certain identity of their own. To me, English is like a man. He takes you effectively from point A to point B. He allows you, solid and reliable, to convey clear meaning in a few, usually short words. He lends himself to acronyms and contractions. He gets the job done. And, once you get to know him well, he will show you his playful side, full of possibilities.

Spanish on the other hand, is so much more like a woman. A different kind of strength. Whimsical. Musical. Unexpected. The same thing can be said in Spanish in countless ways, full of subtleties, undertones and nuances. Complex words and endless ways to arrange them. Ever changing… such beauty.

I love them both. They are each so wonderful in their own way. You´ve probably figured by now that I decided on English. Duh, haha. My tie breaker turned out to be that I have a badass group of global friends whom don´t all speak Spanish, and this is something I want to be able to share with them. So, the language is settled.

And next time, the content. I promise,